Legal Services

Counties we serve in New York:
Nassau & Suffolk Counties

Languages Spoken:
English & Spanish

Resource Referrals

Angels for Warriors is active in the community, building relationships with other nonprofit and for-profit professionals providing services to our Veterans. When Veterans call, we are happy to streamline available resources for them whenever possible.

General Legal Services

Count on us to guide you through confusing legal processes. Our assistance includes:
● Help with interpreting documents that the Veteran and family may not understand
● Social security disability benefits and other entitlements – information and advocacy
● Debt relief-bankruptcy assistance
● Matrimonial/child support advocacy
● Other pro-bono or low-bono legal referrals, depending on need
● Discharge upgrade assistance
● Letters of incorporation for new business ventures

Medical Services Assistance

The VA and other medical services can be especially daunting for our returning warriors. Here’s how we can help:
● Completing necessary paperwork and applications
● Assisting with congressionals when appealing disability claims
● Making phone calls and follow-ups when needed
● Scheduling appointments
● Getting answers to billing or medical coverage questions

Psychological Services Referrals

When America’s warriors return home, they may suffer from PTSD, and many may struggle to fit into civilian life. We connect the Veteran with beneficial programs such as equine therapy, service dog therapy, art therapy, etc. We also assist with social security and other benefits available to people with disabilities when needed, so the Veterans can focus on creating and maintaining a stable life for themselves.

Assistance for the Homeless

237,594 Veteran households in New York State contained one or more children. Nationwide, 37,085 United States Veterans were homeless in January, 2019, according to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. To prevent and ameliorate homelessness while helping families stay together, here’s how we help:
• Connecting Veterans with housing and support services
• Providing supplies to Veterans moving into a new location, in conjunction with other organizations

Handling Traffic Violations

Did you know that some Veterans may lose their driver’s licenses for reasons that have nothing to do with poor driving? We advocate with the DMV to get Veterans’ licenses reinstated. We have attorneys who will accompany our veterans to Traffic Court and represent the Veteran.

Real Estate Assistance

When it comes to foreclosures on Veterans’ homes, prevention is key. Non-payment on a home may be due to a variety of circumstances, including medical expenses and other challenges. Solving these challenges keeps families together and prevents Veterans from becoming homeless.

Senior Concerns

We focus on protecting the rights of seniors and their families as they plan for their present and future needs and lifestyle. In addition to filling out medical forms and making calls on the Veteran’s behalf, we also connect them with low-bono elder law attorneys. AFW also covers attorney’s fees for several essential services, including healthcare proxies and directives.

Managing Minor Criminal Offenses

Did you know that many Veterans accused of minor criminal offenses are eligible to have their cases tried in Veteran’s Court? At Angels for Warriors, we connect Veterans with this uniquely designed court system.

For more information on Angels For Warriors, contact us here, or call 631-651-5471.