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All service men and women are welcome to register. Prior to any official referral or service you must click below to register. Please note only veterans who fall below the federal poverty guideline will qualify for pro bono legal assistance.


  • We serve Nassau & Suffolk Counties
  • Spanish & English Spoken
  • We provide information & guidance about essential resources:
    Legal (non-criminal), Medical, Psychological & Educational

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America’s Warriors have fought for our freedom. Angels For Warriors advocates for their futures.

As a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Angels for Warriors guides Long Island Nassau and Suffolk County Veterans, active duty military, and their families through the essential resources, with an emphasis on pro-bono and low-bono legal representation. 164 Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743

Our Mission

To ensure that our returning warriors, our active duty military and our veterans can more easily access the benefits and other critical programs to which they are entitled. Our warriors have fought for our freedoms, Angels for Warriors will fight for their futures.

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Success Stories

Angels for Warriors has assisted hundreds of veterans with positive outcomes in many areas. We have obtained education benefits for those who have been denied and have been successful in obtaining an increase in Veteran benefits. We have prevented numerous evictions and foreclosures. We have succeeded in numerous downward modifications of child support and have had visitation rights reinstated. We have obtained Veteran DOD/VA benefits after being denied and have been successful in numerous upward modifications. Angels for Warriors has also obtained Social Security benefits for qualifying veterans. We have provided numerous families with Holiday gifts they would otherwise have gone without. We have assisted numerous homeless veterans obtain safe affordable housing including provided furnishings, supplies and food.

World War II Vet Threatened with Eviction
When Joseph’s rent increased, and the landlord threatened to evict him, he first turned to a Veteran’s crisis line for help. 
Aid for Veteran Facing Homelessness
David, a young Veteran on the brink of being homeless, was living in a shelter with his service dog and needed help.
Legal Rights Secured for Woman Veteran
Female Veteran Elizabeth’s landlord violated her privacy rights and her dignity. We arranged a legal team that helped her.
Angels For Warriors helps veterans with legal assistance

Charity begins at home but shouldn't end there.

What Our Veterans Are Saying

Ann J.

I needed assistance consolidating my debt and getting my finances in order. Angels for Warriors put me in touch with an agency who helped me at no charge. I am now debt free and grateful to everyone at Angels for Warriors for their assistance.


David C.

I was in a bad way after the passing of my wife and being evicted from my apartment. I called Angels for Warriors, they helped me immediately. They found me a place to live and followed up with me weekly to make sure I was adjusting. They are truly Angels.


Bob A.

Angels for Warriors stepped in after being denied VA benefits. They got me a pro bono attorney to file my appeal. I won my appeal and was awarded my benefits retroactively.


Ryan D

My Ex-wife was not allowing me visitation with my children. I contacted Angels for Warriors and was assigned a pro bono attorney who represented me in Family court. After appearing with me in court numerous times and presenting my case, I was granted visitation with my children. I would never have been able to afford to pay for an attorney. I am thankful for Angels for Warriors and the work they do for veterans. I am now able to see and spend time with my children.